Going Mobile

Filipinos nowadays have been moving around too much... that's why budget airlines are such a big thing nowadays. Like our Asian neighbors, Filipino are starting to enjoy traveling. Thanks to technology we still can stay connected with our friends and love ones even when we're away.

This is also the same at home or at the office. Before, we stay connected with our friends and family through the ordinary telephone. Now, we can get in touch with anybody just by going online or buy sending an SMS. It ain't surprising that the Philippines now is considered the SMS capital of the world. What's the first thing you do when you get to the office? Check your email ofcourse!
In the past decade or so, we've seen an explosion of gadgets that allow allow their users to do what they have to do without being fixed in any one place. The two most basic examples of these gadgets would have to be the mobile phone and the laptop computer. Mobile phones basically allow people to take calls no matter where they are, and as laptop computers have caught up to their desktop counterparts in terms of value and power they've become a legitimate alternative for many people to stay in productive while in a greater variety of places.
In just the past 3 or 5 years, mobile technology here in the Philippines has changed alot. Before we only use our mobile phones to text and call. Now, we use our phones to check emails, surf the web, send pictures, taking pictures just to name a few. Now subscribers make sure their phones have MMS, 3G, WIFI, etc.

Of course a variety of newer gadgets make the palm top computer obsolete by incorporating its capabilities into mobile phones. The result is called a smart phone and there are a bunch of gadgets that qualify as smart phones on the market right now. Many of these gadgets outdo palm top computers in terms of functionality with the use of built in keyboards for thumb typing and web access for browsing and email. (To be fair, many palm top computers have these features as well, but they're fair from standard.)

For the first time in human history, it's possible to watch TV, talk on the phone, listen to music, and write a novel all on the same gadget. That's progress.
Source: http://www.newtechnologytv.com/